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Any dream house is actually a mix of structural and community features that satisfy a specific household's needs and preferences.

Rochester rates high on most "wish lists" as a place to locate because we offer an appealing variety of features: Wonderful housing choices, spectacular natural settings, stable high-tech industries, nationally renowned schools and a heritage of creativity in commercial and cultural pursuits.

The community now boasts eight colleges/universities, 65 visual and performing arts groups (including one of the top 20 U.S. orchestras), 11,000 acres of parkland and 11 library branches in the city alone, plus six TV and 11 radio stations.

More than 40% of the workforce is comprised of people in technical, scientific, professional or precision occupations whose home lives have nurtured stable neighborhoods and whose intellectual interests have nourished the arts.

Over generations, these residents have built an attractive, structurally solid and esthetically diverse inventory of housing choices from which we all benefit today.